Customer is a key stakeholder group that directly affect the Company's performance and sustainability.

The customer relationship management is, therefore, very important to the Company, not only understanding the customers’ attitudes and interests towards the products and services which enabling the Company to improve its current products and services, but also helping the Company to catch up with the changing trends of customers’ needs in various industries in order to prepare to respond to the future needs of customers in another way.


If the Company is unable to engage the existing customers to maintain a good relationship with each other, it may affect the customers’ confidence in the Company and its reputation regionally and globally due to the current customers are the leaders in many industries having a wide network including their suppliers in the supply chains of various industries globally connected. As a result, it may affect the decisions of the investors and future customers to invest in the industrial estates operated by the Company both in Thailand and other countries.


Building a good relationship with customers and creating satisfaction with the Company's products and services will increase the business opportunities by convincing to repeat the purchases of products and services, giving referrals and building the reputation and confidence to the Company which lead to continuous and sustainable growth.

Management Approach

The Company has always given the importance to its customers under the “ALL WIN” philosophy that the success of customers or manufacturing operators in AMATA City industrial estates plays a major part in supporting the long-term economic growth of the Company.
The Company is, therefore, determined to strengthen the customer engagement and the effective customer relationship management to build the strong relationship and confidence as the partners committing to grow and achieve the business success together. In this regard, the Company has set the customer relationship management approaches as follows:

Customer Relationship Building and Retention

The success of customers or manufacturing operators in AMATA City industrial estates is considered to be an integral part that supports the Company's long-term economic growth. The Company is, therefore, committed to build and manage the good relationships with customers through various participatory channels in order to strengthen the relationships and confidence as the partners committing to grow and achieve the business success together. In 2021, even it was still under the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Company has kept implementing the activities to build the good relationships with its customers as follows:

1. Meeting between the Company and customers

AMATA Japanese Society

  • 1 Meeting of Activities
  • 235 Companies of Participants

HR Association of AMATA City Chonburi (HRA)

  • 5 Meetings of Activities
  • 325 Companies of Participants

AMATA City Chonburi Safety and Environment Group (ASEG)

  • 1 Meeting of Activities
  • 215 Companies of Participants

AMATA City Rayong Management Group (ACMG)

  • 5 Meetings of Activities
  • 117 Companies of Participants

Waste management meeting

  • 1 Meeting of Activities
  • 300 Companies of Participants

Water management meeting

  • 1 Meeting of Activities
  • 264 Companies of Participants

AMATA Fights COVID Meeting by Mr. Vikrom Kromadit

  • 3 Meetings of Activities
  • 700 Companies of Participants

2. Activities to build relationships with communities

CSR AMATA City Chonburi

  • 4 Meetings of Activities
  • 184 Companies of Participants

CSR Volunteer AMATA City Rayong

  • 2 Activities of Activities
  • 65 Companies of Participants

Customer Complaint Management

In addition, the Company has provided various channels for receiving customer complaints which are easy to access and developed the customer complaint management system in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 standard for its customers in order to inform the Company directly and receive the resolutions within the specified period.
In 2021, the Company had received totally 216 complaints about utilities and industrial services, categorized into 170 complaints about the problems of raw water, water supply and wastewater management systems, representing 78.7% of total complaints, followed by 24 complaints about utilities, 16 complaints about traffic problems and 6 complaints about other issues, representing 11.1%, 7.4% and 2.8%, respectively. All complaints had been 100% resolved and replied to the customers.

Customer satisfaction

The Company had conducted a customer satisfaction survey by sending the questionnaires to the customers along with having marketing staff to contact the customers directly in order for the Company to really know the problems and customers’ needs, as well as, to build the good relationships with customers. Customer satisfaction scores including the problems and suggestions had been presented to the management meeting to consider further improvements of Company’s products, services and work procedures.  In 2021, the Company had set the target of customer satisfaction based on the results of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand’s survey and the results of the Company’s survey not to be less than 90%.

In 2021, the Company had conducted a customer satisfaction survey of which customer satisfaction score of AMATA City Industrial Estate Chonburi were 72.81% and the scores of AMATA City Rayong Industrial Estate were 72.66%, both scores were increased from 2020.  However, the Company did not achieve the set 2021 target.  The Company, therefore, has planned to improve its customer relationship management process through the establishment of more diverse and specific Customer Communities for closely surveying the customers’ needs and expectations, including improve the efficiency of complaint management process that enhance the product and service satisfaction.

In addition, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand had conducted the customer satisfaction surveys in 40 industrial estates across the country.  The results of the survey showed that AMATA City Chonburi Industrial Estate had received an average satisfaction score of 90.6% and AMATA City Rayong had received an average satisfaction score of 91.8%.

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