Our Products & Services

“Amata is a one stop service that provides companies with everything they need at an industrial estate.” Viboon Kromadit, Director and Chief Marketing Officer

Reliable utilities and a supportive infrastructure are the backbone on an industrial estate. Without them companies within the estate will be unable to operate. Amata recognizes this reality and takes steps to ensure that what we provide goes beyond the basics so that our customers are insured of an operating environment that is safe, secure, and reliable and a pleasant place in which to work.

Commercial & Leisure

  • Kasetsart University

  • Tesco Lotus Plus Mall

  • Sumipol Institute of Manufacturing Technology

  • Financial Street

  • Recreation Facilities

  • AMATA Mansion

  • AMATA Spring Fairway Villas

  • Hotel Nikko Amata City Chonburi

  • SISA Singapore Amata International School

  • Vibharam Amata Nakorn

  • Suankularb Wittayalai Chonburi School

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