AMATA Holds Inaugural Tenants Meeting

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On April 19, 2024, AMATA City Ha Long (Song Khoai Industrial Park), in collaboration with the Quang Ninh Economic Zones Authority, organized the inaugural Meeting of AMATA City Ha Long Investors. Attendees included representatives from QEZA, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE), the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI), Quang Yen People's Committee, and our esteemed AMATA's customers.

Notable figures from AMATA VN Public Company's leadership, including Dr. Huynh Ngoc Phien, Vice Chairman, and Mr. Aukkares Choochouy, Director, were also present.The purpose of the meeting was to promptly address enterprise challenges, bolster FDI recruitment, strengthen investor relationships with local authorities, and initiate educational cooperation within the park.

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Continuous Support for Customers Amid Challenges

The meeting facilitated open discussions to address investors' challenges, with representatives from relevant departments and AMATA providing feedback and solutions. Mr. Aukkares Choochouy, Director of AMATA VN Public Company Limited and Managing Director of Amata Facility Services Company Limited emphasized AMATA's commitment to exceeding investors' expectations through exceptional services and tailored solutions.

"AMATA is dedicated to building enduring relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect by delivering excellent services, high-quality products, and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of each investor," shared Mr. Aukkares Choochouy.

New Investment Projects and Educational Collaboration

At the conference, the Quang Ninh Economic Zones Authority awarded investment registration certificates to two new projects in Song Khoai Industrial Park, totaling over USD100 million. Tenma Vietnam Company Limited from Japan and Yaskawa Vietnam were the recipients of these certificates for projects in plastic molding components and assembly and molding, and mechanical and electrical systems, respectively.

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Furthermore, AMATA Ha Long Joint Stock Company and the Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam (AIT Vietnam) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on training programs, aiming to enhance future human resource quality.

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Key Industrial Zone for FDI Recruitment in the Northern Region

AMATA City Ha Long, a pivotal industrial zone in Quang Ninh province and the Red River Delta region, attracts new-generation FDI enterprises. With its modern and interconnected infrastructure, AMATA City Ha Long is committed to sustainable development and high competitiveness, serving as a catalyst for Quang Ninh province's growth.

Located strategically in Quang Ninh province, AMATA City Ha Long benefits from a comprehensive transport infrastructure. Moreover, it has developed a standardized technical infrastructure system, including power supply, water supply, wastewater treatment, telecommunications, and internal traffic networks.

"After more than 6 years of development, AMATA City Ha Long, or also known as Song Khoai Industrial Park has attracted 18 investment projects, all of which are FDI projects from 6 countries, totaling 129.5 hectares of land. The total investment capital granted Investment Registration Certificates is nearly USD2.6 billion, generating employment for about 5,000 workers. This makes AMATA Industrial Park the fastest-investing and largest FDI industrial Park in Quang Ninh province to date," said Mr. Nguyen Van Nhan, General Director of AMATA City Ha Long.

AMATA City Ha Long has completed and commenced operations of the 110KV power station and the 22KV distribution network with a capacity of 189MVA. Investments are underway to increase capacity to 315MVA in the second quarter of 2024. Additionally, investments have been made in water supply and wastewater treatment systems, with plans to further enhance capacities by the second and fourth quarters of 2024, respectively. Road infrastructure development is also in progress, aiming for completion by the second quarter of 2025.

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