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Since April 2021, Vietnam has recorded more than 300,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases. Dong Nai has been among the hardest-hit provinces with nearly 15,000 cases. This has presented difficult challenges to society and the economy, and especially to the country's industrial parks, which employ more than 1.2 million workers.

As one of Vietnam's leading industrial park developers, with over 26 years of continuous operation in Dong Nai, Thailand-based Amata Group has been working closely with local authorities and enterprises since the earliest days of the pandemic to prevent further infections. With more than 170 multinational factory clients with nearly 60 thousand employees, Amata has always made production safety procedures a top priority, supporting numerous programs to help its clients better cope with the pandemic.

Amata's many Covid-19 prevention campaigns have included: donations to medical centers and vaccine funds, preparation of quarantine facilities inside industrial parks, work with authorities in support of vaccination sites, and organization of activities meant to provide updated information and training for enterprise customers.

 To date, Amata has provided USD131,000 (VND 3 billion) for vaccine and Covid-19 prevention measures in Dong Nai province, plus an additional USD39,000 (VND900 million) for two additional Intensive Care Units at Long Thanh Hospital, organization of webinars, training related to Covid-19 quick tests, prevention instruction and preparation for government “Three Point certification,” which enables enterprises  to remain open by providing employees with a quarantined work, eating and sleeping environment.

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