AMATA City Bien Hoa Supports Funds Towards the '1 Billion Tree' Project

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Responding to the calling of Vietnam’s Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính to support the ambitious project of "Planting 1 billion trees in the period of 2021-2025", AMATA has contributed 300 million VND (USD 13,000) to plant 20,000 trees in Dong Nai province. The CSR team alongside authorities, military and participants from other enterprises joined the planting activity.

Photo: AMATA City Bien Hoa receives a certificate of merit from Dong Nai People's Committee for the contribution and support

The “1 Billion Tree” Project

After a string of deadly typhoons in late 2020, Vietnam’s prime minister called for the country to plant 1 billion trees nationwide by 2025 to reduce the risk of landslides and flooding. In October and November of 2020, a relentless barrage of nine typhoons and tropical storms slammed into Vietnam, setting off record floods and countless landslides. Nearly 200 people died, and property damage was estimated at USD1.5 billion.

Photo: Vietnam Net, Vietnam has set a target to plant 1 billion trees during 2021-2025; the government said tree planting will be concentrated in developed areas such as cities and industrial zones

Then-Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc responded in November 2020 by calling for 1 billion trees to be planted nationwide by 2025 in hopes that increased forest cover would help prevent future landslides and reduce flooding. The billion-tree program is now official government policy with a number of aims, including protecting ecosystems, improving scenery, responding to climate change, and aiding economic development.

According to the Ministry, in recent years, although the forest coverage in Vietnam has increased, the quality of natural forests has not been high; the function of protection forests has not been fully promoted; and the density of trees to people in urban and rural areas is still low compared to that of many other countries.



Photo: At our Vietnam Park in Dong Nai province, pink trumpet trees flank the entrance and recreational zones. The intense pink flowers resemble cherry blossoms. People love to pose for photographs amid the carpet of blooms. Baomoi website refers AMATA's industrial park as to as beautiful as a "Japanese town" during cherry blossom festival. (Source: Phap Luat)

Meanwhile, the impact of climate change and natural disasters has become increasingly complex, affecting all aspects of socio-economic life and environment, and threatening the country’s sustainable development. Along with that, the process of industrialization and urbanization is taking place strongly; more production establishments, industrial parks, and concentrated urban areas are built; the population has increased rapidly, and all of these factors have made urban environmental pollution more serious.

Planting and protecting forests and developing trees for environmental protection are of vital significance. Of the 1 billion trees, 690 million trees are planted in both urban and rural areas, and remaining trees in concentrated, special-use forests and newly planted production forests to protect the ecological environment, improve the landscape and respond to climate change, contribute to socio-economic development, and improve the quality of life for the people and sustainable development of the country. 

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