AMATA Summit Green Distribution Center Receives Prestigious LEED GOLD Certification

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In a remarkable achievement, the AMATA Summit Green Distribution Center has been awarded the coveted LEED GOLD Level Certification, marking a historic milestone as the first warehouse in Thailand and Southeast Asia to secure LEED v4.1 certification in the Warehouse and Distribution Center category.

On July 6, 2023, Ms. Janjira Yamyim, Managing Director of AMATA Summit Ready Built Company (ASRB) had the honor to receive the LEED Gold Certification by the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI).


Photos above (from left): Mr. Yudthana Leelathawornsuk, Director, Marketing & Business Development and Ms. Janjira Yamyim, Managing Director, both AMATA Summit Ready Built Company Limited; group photo at the certificate presentation ceremony organized by the Green Business Certification Inc.

First LEED GOLD certified warehouse and distribution center in Southeast Asia

For AMATA Summit Ready Built (ASRB), a subsidiary of AMATA and in joint venture with Thai Summit Group, green supply chain and ecosystems in manufacturing are its objectives. The company has recently completed and delivered a built-to-suit Warehouse and Distribution Center (WDC) built on the concept that it produces more than what it consumes, unlike standard warehouse spaces.

Strategically situated at the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, in the bustling Bangna area, the center's location facilitates efficient industrial operations with proximity to the international airport and the Eastern Economic Corridor region. This LEED Gold certified warehouse, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, was delivered as a customized, or so called 'built-to-suit', building.

A Testament to Sustainable Design and Innovation

Working closely with clients, Amata Summit Ready Built collaborated diligently with planning and construction teams to infuse modern features that eventually will qualify the building to meet three targets: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating level – GOLD Certification as New Construction Warehouse and Distribution Center (WDC), minimizing environmental impact and carbon footprint, and optimizing indoor quality for occupants' well-being.

Remarkably, ASRB's WDC meets LEED criteria across all categories, encompassing sustainable site selection, energy efficiency, materials and resources usage, and innovative regional design considerations.

 Ms. Janjira Yamyim, ASRB Managing Director, said upon completion:

The majority of our customers invest a significant portion of their time within our facility; therefore, we are committed to providing them with exceptional products. Over the years, we've worked hard to make our facilities more environmentally friendly. By meticulously adhering to the LEED criteria, we're excited to introduce our best achievement yet. Our modern distribution center showcases our dedication to innovation and being eco-friendly, benefiting both the people who built it and those who use it. “

The building is full of unique features from below the ground up to the roof delivering significant environmental advantages.

ASRB placed a strong emphasis on energy-saving in the design of this facility. To ensure effective thermal efficiency within the distribution center, the company has taken several measures. The roof is well-insulated, complemented by the use of heat-resistant walls, UV and infrared-absorbing glass windows, and solar-heat reflecting paint throughout the facility. Additionally, ASRB integrated a solar photovoltaic system that's capable of generating 30% or more of the facility's power consumption.

In line with ASRB's comprehensive green approach, rainwater is collected in an underground retention tank. This harvested rainwater is then utilized for water-efficient landscaping. Moreover, many of the construction materials that were used have undergone partial recycling, underscoring AMATA's commitment to sustainable building practices.


About Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED): For over two decades, LEED has played a pivotal role in accrediting architects, developers, and builders who champion sustainable building practices. Beginning with LEED 1.0 in 1998, the U.S. Green Building Council initiated a transformative journey, leading to LEED 4.1, the latest version with updated standards. The impact has been substantial, with nearly 150,000 buildings certified worldwide and over 5,000 organizations participating. LEED certification involves rigorous evaluation across carbon, energy, water, waste, transportation, materials, and indoor environmental quality. Projects undergo meticulous verification and review by GBCI, earning points that correlate to various levels of LEED certification - standard, silver, gold, and platinum. LEED remainsM a linchpin in combating climate change, realizing ESG goals, enhancing resilience, and fostering equitable communities.

About AMATA Summit Ready Built (ASRB) Company Limited: An affiliate of AMATA Corporation Public Company in a joint venture with the Thai Summit Group, the company is a leader in ready-built rental factories. Beyond ready-built facilities, it offers tailor-made spaces.

About AMATA: Industrial Cities for The Future - “Amata” represents “Eternity” in Sanskrit. AMATA specializes in conceiving, developing, managing, and promoting integrated industrial estates in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. Striving for continuous improvement, AMATA aims to create cities that outshine the present for a better tomorrow, ensuring happiness and success for clients, staff, and stakeholders. 


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