Advancing Sustainability with Carbon-Neutral Network Rollout & Smart Manufacturing Seminar

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On November 10, 2023, AMATA City Chonburi Industrial Estate and AFS introduced the "AMATA Carbon Neutral Network" (ACNN), aligning with the existing Thailand Carbon Neutral Network (TCNN) to help businesses manage greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions.

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Dr. Viwat Kromadit, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Estate Business Thailand at AMATA Corporation Public Company (pictured above), addressed the importance of this initiative at the PR event. Additionally, other representatives shared their perspectives on the event.

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Concurrently, the Thai-Japanese Technology Promotion Association conducted a seminar on 'Smart Green Industrial Synergy,' focusing on 'Smart Monodzukuri' and the seamless transition to 'Industrial 4.0' while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The event spotlighted 'Smart Safety for Smart Manufacturing,' offering valuable insights and solutions for the participating businesses.


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