AMATA Corporation Achieves 'AAA' Rating on SET ESG Ratings

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On November 6, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) unveiled "SET ESG Ratings" as the new name for Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) and introduced ESG assessments with four rating levels: AAA, AA, A, and BBB. This move highlights the increasing focus of listed companies on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.

AMATA Corporation Public Company achieved the esteemed 'AAA' rating, a recognition received by only 33 entities. Concurrently, AMATA VN Public Company was granted an 'AA' rating.

The SET ESG Ratings will provide valuable data for investors, analysts, and fund managers, while also serving as a benchmark for listed companies to enhance their ESG performance and attract investors. These 193 companies, categorized as AAA, AA, A, or BBB, represent a market capitalization of THB 13 trillion.

SET developed the assessment criteria for SET ESG Ratings to align with both national and international ESG risks, including climate change and human rights issues. SET will utilize these ratings to select members for the SET ESG Index, promoting sustainable investment. Additionally, they will play a role in determining nominations for the SET Awards, Sustainability Excellence category, recognizing listed companies making a significant impact on sustainability.

AMATA Group focuses on the "All WIN" principle, making sure that all stakeholders participate actively. This commitment drives industrial development towards a sustainable future, fostering balanced economic, social, and environmental growth that enhances the quality of life across all sectors.

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