Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong Industrial Estates Receive Eco-Excellence Awards

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Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong industrial estates both received Eco-Excellence Awards from the recent fifth annual ECO Innovation Forum 2021, organized by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, the Water and Environment Institute for Sustainability (WEIS) and the Federation of Thai Industries on September 28, 2021.



Ministry of Industry Deputy Permanent Secretary Mr. Chulaphong Thaweesri and IEAT Governor Mr. Veerit Amrapal presided over the virtual event.

The awards support efforts by Thai industries to support a “bio-circular economy” for managing energy and natural resources by harnessing and maximizing technical innovation and balancing social, environmental, and economic dimensions for sustainable development and growth.

Awards were given to companies and industrial estate developers that meet eco-industrial and sustainable goals in accordance with international standards and in line with Thailand's 20-year (2018-37) national strategy.

Award categories for 2021 included World Class Industrial Estate, Eco-Excellence, Eco-Champion, Eco-Industrial Estate Port 4.0, Industrial Plants 4.0 and Water Footprint Certified Plants.

The Eco-Excellence Industrial Estates award was given to Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate for the fourth consecutive year and Amata City Rayong Industrial Estate for the past three years.


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