“Give First” Campaign Launch: Amata to Distribute Food Packs

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As part of its announced “Give First” campaign, Amata distributed 15,000 packages of food worth more than THB 3 million to neighborhoods near its industrial estates in Chonburi, Chachoengsao and Rayong provinces, an area that’s home to more than 800,000 people.

The campaign, which ended September 29, aimed to assist people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. "Give First” was originally launched in 2020, while Thailand was experiencing its first wave of the pandemic. The current third wave has affected society’s most vulnerable even harder, with more devastating effects to the economy and daily life.


For sixteen days in September, Amata employees and executives, volunteers from Amata’s manufacturers and several partner organizations joined forces to distribute the supplies. Amata City Chonburi gave 9,300 packs of dry foods to 31 subdistrict (Tambon) government offices in Chonburi and Chachoengsao provinces. Meanwhile, its Rayong industrial estate distributed 6,000 food packs to 20 subdistrict offices.

Each donated package contained locally-sourced rice, salted eggs and chili sauce, plus other items that were generously donated by Amata customers, including instant noodles, fish sauce, canned fish and drinking water. Also included was a book “Ka Ta Vikrom” by Amata founder and Chairman Vikrom Kromadit.

Community involvement in the safety and health of society has long been a key component of Amata's Sustainability Framework social agenda. Amata's “All Win” philosophy—helping everyone to succeed together while protecting the environment—seeks to promote a happy co-existence between industry and the surrounding communities.

Amata has offered its heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Buppa Kawinvasin, Deputy Director and Mr. Apichart Sektheera, Director of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) Branch Offices for Amata City Chonburi and Rayong respectively, for actively supporting the campaign.




In addition, Amata singled out for praise several of its customers who graciously contributed to the effort and contributed with supplies and donations worth THB 657,700:

AMATA City Chonburi

  1. IEAT Amata City Chonburi
  2. Monde Nissin (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  3. Maxsoft Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  4. Tsubakimoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  5. SNC Sound Proof Co., Ltd.
  6. Saginomiya (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  7. Seah Precision Metal Co., Ltd.
  8. Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  9. Leader's Relation Siam Toyota
  10. Vuteq Thai Co., Ltd.
  11. Apollo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  12. Asia Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
  13. Henkel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  14. Hidromek Construction Equipment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  15. Amata B. Grimm Power Plants (Chonburi)
  16. SRN Sound Proof Co., Ltd.
  17. Fukui Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  18. Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  19. Nikkei Siam Aluminium Ltd.
  20. Yushiro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 
  21. TFO Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

 AMATA City Rayong 

  1. IEAT Amata City Rayong
  2. F.T. Industrial Supplies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  3. Thai Chinese Rayong Industrial Realty Development Co., Ltd
  4. Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  5. Robert Bosch Automotive Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  6. Bosch Automotive Thailand Co., Ltd.
  7. Yuan Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
  8. Thai Yang Kitpaisan Co., Ltd.
  9. POSCO Coated Steel(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  10. Hanam Electricity (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. And New Motech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  11. Hast Interlink Co., Ltd.
  12. AMATA Natural Gas Distribution Co., Ltd.
  13. Sanoh Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  14. Suntory Pepsico Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  15. Euremo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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