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Amata Corporation and B.Grimm Power established a joint-venture Amata B.Grimm Power Limited in 1995.

The first combined cycle co-generation power plant with a capacity of 166 MW was commissioned in 1996 at Amata City Chonburi. Over the next two decades, Amata B.Grimm Power continuously expanded the power and steam generation business at Amata’s sites.

Amata B.Grimm Power plants partially supply Amata’s customers with power and steam if conditions are met, but mainly sell power back to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). The main and standard power source comes from the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA) supplied at 22 KVA.

The first power plants are currently in overhaul by upgrading technology to improve energy efficiency to reduce consumption of natural gas by 10-15%, including adding innovative technology and digitalization to reduce maintenance; and will be recommissioned after extending the power purchase agreement with EGAT.

Amata City Chonburi: 5 co-generation power plants with a total capacity of 675 MW
Amata City Rayong: 5 co-generation power plants with a capacity of 647 MW
Amata City Bien Hoa: 13 MW back-up power plant, management of sub-station

B.Grimm Power is the power business of B.Grimm Group, which was established in Thailand in 1878. In 1993, B.Grimm pioneered into Thailand’s emerging private power generation industry with B.Grimm Power as its investment arm. In 2020, Dr. Harald Link led the B.Grimm Power business into renewable energy with hydroelectric, solar, waste to energy, hybrid and wind projects. It is currently one of the largest private power producers in Thailand, with an installed capacity of 2,878 MW and with the target to reach 7,200 MW across the ASEAN region by the year 2025.

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