AMATA Sustainability Framework

The Company has established the "AMATA Sustainability Framework" as a means of achieving corporate sustainability across economic, social, and environmental dimensions. This framework emphasizes promoting business growth through social and environmental responsibility, good governance, ethics and integrity, regulatory compliance, and efficient risk management. These efforts aim to foster a balanced and high-quality coexistence between industry and society, contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Apart from its sustainability policies and framework, the Company has adopted circular economy principles and various standards as guidelines for sustainable development. These include the sustainability assessment criteria of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, ISO standards, GRI standards, and the Eco-Industrial Estate assessment criteria at the Eco-Excellence level as defined by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. These measures aim to enhance the Company's capability to promote sustainable development in all aspects.

Key Strategies for AMATA Sustainability

The Company has integrated sustainable development concepts into its business strategy, which has involved revising its business plans and moving towards becoming a developer of a Smart City in the Eastern Economic Corridor. This approach aims to meet stakeholders' needs, respond more efficiently to global changes and emerging risks, create a perfect city that provides opportunities and benefits to all stakeholders, and develop the business while promoting socio-economic growth in harmony with natural resources and environmental conservation. To achieve these goals, the Company has established key strategies for sustainable business, as follows:

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