Dong Nai Job Fair: A Crucial Event for Attracting New Talent to Entrepreneurs at AMATA's Industrial Park

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The relationship management team of AMATA City Bien Hoa proudly co-organized a Job Fair at Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU). The event successfully brought together 42 enterprises with active recruitment needs, providing an excellent platform for 3,000 students to explore job opportunities.

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DNTU has expressed its openness to accommodate the training and recruitment demands of enterprises, fostering future collaborations. We are committed to establishing further partnerships not only with DNTU but also with other universities to better support our customers.

In addition to our participation, we extended our support to the Department of Agricultural and Rural Development, contributing to the organization of an exhibition at DNTU. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the protection of 27 elephants and the natural forest environment in Dong Nai province.

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As a facilitator, we will continue to support the Authority in connecting with other universities and communities to organize such impactful exhibitions.


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