AMATA Brings Joy During Vietnam's Mid-Autumn Festival

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On the evening of September 23, 2023, the AMATA City Ha Long Team, led by Ms. Nattamon Limthanachai, Independent Director of AMATA VN Public Company Limited, participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival. They shared gifts with nearly 100 orphans, disabled children, and abandoned children at the Quang Ninh Provincial Center for Children in Extremely Difficult Circumstances.

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On the evening of September 28, 2023, the AMATA City Ha Long Team took part in the Quang Yen Mid-Autumn Night Festival hosted by the Quang Yen People's Committee, chaired by Mr. Thang, Chairman, and Mr. Hao, Vice Chairman. The event was attended by leaders from various departments of Quang Yen and over 1,000 children from the area. AMATA presented 40 gifts to disadvantaged pupils on that night.

And, in collaboration with Jinko Solar, our customer, we contributed gifts to 70 disadvantaged pupils at Hoang Tan and Song Khoai schools.

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These volunteer activities, organized by the ACHL team, aimed to empathize with the challenges faced by these children and bring joy during the Traditional Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival.

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The Mid-Autumn Festival, known as "Tết Trung Thu" in Vietnamese, is a significant traditional festival celebrated in Vietnam and various other East Asian countries. It typically falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which usually corresponds to September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. This festival is marked by various traditions such as paper lanterns, the exchange of mooncakes among family and friends, dragon and lion dances to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, as well as organizing activities for children, including singing folk songs, reciting poems, and performing traditional dances. Additionally, it involves the giving of gifts and community celebrations.

The Mid-Autumn Festival holds deep cultural and historical significance in Vietnamese society. Through this initiative, the Organizing Committee and ACHL aim to pass on the nation's cultural traditions to these children, providing them with a wholesome, joyful, and constructive environment during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which sets a positive tone for their new school year.



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