Riding Safely: Empowering 400 Employees at Amata Industrial Park

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AMATA City Bien Hoa, in collaboration with the Youth Union of Dong Nai Province, the Driving Training & Testing Center, and YAMAHA Town Ha Dang, hosted a Safe Riding Training session for all employees within and outside the premises of AMATA Industrial Park. The event drew the participation of approximately 400 individuals.

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Attendees had the opportunity to enhance their understanding of traffic safety through interactive quizzes and practical exercises aimed at improving their skills in handling real-life traffic scenarios. Participants had the chance to receive gifts and complimentary oil-changing tickets courtesy of sponsor Yamaha Town Ha Dang. In addition to the training, game booths and shopping stalls were arranged to better cater to the attendees.


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Let's all commit to engaging in traffic activities with a strong sense of responsibility, adhering closely to traffic regulations to mitigate accidents and ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us.



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