AMATA Bien Hoa Football Cup 2024: Uniting Communities Through Sportsmanship

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Engaging in sports offers numerous benefits, including fostering team spirit, promoting a healthy lifestyle, providing relaxation from daily stressors, and fostering companionship. Recognizing these benefits, AMATA places great importance on organizing annual sports events for the community.

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Therefore, it's that time again when AMATA City Bien Hoa organizes its eagerly anticipated "AMATA Football Cup 2024," scheduled to take place from April 14 to June 16, 2024, with matches scheduled every Sunday. This year, there are 27 team entries comprising customers from the AMATA industrial park, authorities, and partners, making it an eagerly awaited annual event for all involved.

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In an exciting kick-off match on Sunday morning, the AMATA football team, in collaboration with the Dong Nai Security company, faced off against the Land Registration Office. The encounter resulted in an impressive 9-0 victory in favor of the AMATA Team.

We wish all the teams good luck and high spirits of sportsmanship to win the competition. Let's rise to the challenge.



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